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Thread: Bottleneck regarding to Origin and Edge?

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    Default Bottleneck regarding to Origin and Edge?


    I'm interested using Wowza to do live streaming.

    My plan is to have a 100mbps Origin server and several 1000mbps Edge server.

    In a live streaming situation, is the 100mpbs Origin server the bottleneck?

    For example, if each stream is 2mbps, is the number of cocurrent streaming limit to 50 (100mbps/2mbps) ?

    If not, how does the data transmission work in Live stream regards to Origin and Edge servers?

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    The origin is probably limited to 80mps because we assume 20% overhead. So that would be 40 streams, and if each edge only served RTMP clients, you could have about 40 edge servers. However if you have HTTP clients and RTSP clients streaming from the edges, and if you packetize on the origin (as is the standard configuration) each edge that has at least one each of RTMP, Silverlight, Flash HTTP, iOS, RTSP client, will have 5 connections to the origin. The way to avoid that is packetize on the edge: leave the origin Application.xml /Streams /LiveStreamPacketizers empty and change them on the edges to the regular packetizers instead of the repeater packetizers. You will then have max 2 if you are streaming to RTMP and RTSP clients.


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