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Thread: Support for multiple SPS/PPS in MP4 file streaming containing H264 encoded video

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    Default Support for multiple SPS/PPS in MP4 file streaming containing H264 encoded video


    Seeing corrupt video of mp4 file on flash player streamed via Wowza which has two SPS and PPS units.
    I would like to know if Wowza supports multiple SPS/PPS NAL units for streaming H264 video and AAC audio in MP4 container format. My MP4 file has two different SPS/PPS units with sps-id/pps-id 0 and 1 respectively as part of avcC atom. H264 Video profile, level and resolution in these SPS/PPSs are same, and different parts of encoded video point to these.

    - Hitesh

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    No, sorry, Wowza does not support this.


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    Thanks Richard for your quick response.
    What I have observed is if I seek any where on this video then it plays fine both the video parts pointing to different sets of SPS/PPS. Without any seek event video play with artifacts. Does seek provide flash player with some extra information that it starts playing fine after that?

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    If that's true then you could force the player to seek to 00:00 when a play request comes in which should solve the problem...
    Let us know how you get on if you choose to try it.


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