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Thread: live-record naming convention difficult to work with

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    Default live-record naming convention difficult to work with

    I know that once a recording is completed a new one is started, the existing recording is moved to {stream_name}_0.flv and the current recording takes over for {stream_name}.flv.

    I have a script that analyzes an applications content directory for live stream recordings. I need to take every file that's in there and move it to a different directory for processing. However, there's a race case that I can't seem to avoid. When I gather the list of files, I check their timestamp to make sure they haven't been modified recently. I only collect files that I determine to have been sitting there for a few minutes w/o modification (which would otherwise indicate a recording in progress). The problem is that in the time that I gathered that list of files to when I began the transfer, a recording may have started and the {stream_name}.flv file is now entirely different.

    Are there any recommendations to get around this? I dont need to use the more advanced API for managing recordings. I just need them to record automatically with a sensible naming convention. I looked at Streams.xml for live-record but did not find an option for modifying the naming template.

    I'm running Wowza 3.5.2


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    So I found I can use a module to automatically transfer files when they have completed recording:

    This helps somewhat, but the versioning mechanism has the same issue. While I'm processing the directory that I transferred files to for recording, a new one with the same name could appear and cause issues.

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    Take a look at IMediaWriterActionNotify:


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