Akamai's HD Network for Smooth Streaming On Demand supports three different methods for hosting the files on an origin server.

  1. Using Akamai's Net Storage & Akamai IIS server (Akamai is the origin, you upload the files directly to them)
  2. Using your own web server (of any kind) and using an Akamai IIS "ghost" server that pulls from your origin
  3. Using your own IIS server

I'm attempting to use the third option with Wowza acting as the IIS server, but I'm running into some issues getting the requests recognized properly and at this point I'm wondering if it's even possible. I have the Akamai configuration set up properly to pull from a Wowza server (IIS Server).

For this method with Akamai, they require that you create a subfolder called "ondemand" and place your content within that directory. It can then be referenced as such:


I have an application in Wowza called "ondemand" and a smil file for 3 different versions of big buck bunny. I can play it on the wowza server as such:


But when I attempt to create the Akamai version of the URL, I can't get it to work. I've tried all sorts of variations with no luck thus far. One thing I tried was renaming the smil file to a .ism file, but that didn't work either.

Any suggestions? Am I fighting a losing battle trying to get Wowza to act as an IIS server?