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    Lightbulb multi bitrate

    I own a license of the software and wowza server It works ok
    But I want to multicast
    my source page for single bit rate live streaming

    <embed src='';
    width='480' height='360' allowscriptaccess='always'
    allowfullscreen='true' flashvars='height=360&width=

    i need to Multi bit rate live streaming from flash media encoder what can i change for the server and source page
    I need step by step to write source code in to my server and my web page .

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    With the encoding parameters in place in your screenshot, you can do multi-bitrate (not multicast, which is something else) or ABR (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming) following this guide:

    Follow the Adaptive Bit Rate section to setup a server-side smil.

    To playback ABR streams try the Wowza examples/LiveVideoStreaming/FlashHTTPPlayer, or the Flash Playback Player following this guide:

    Keep in mind that you will need enough bandwidth between the encoder and Wowza for all 3 streams. With the Wowza Transcoder you only need one stream, then it will encode lower bit rate renditions


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