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Thread: user/pass or MAC adress allow only

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    Default user/pass or MAC adress allow only

    Hi from a new wowza Media Server user

    I have been trying wowza media server 3.5.2 for a trial test and now i am just starting on the monthly plan.

    I would like to allow only my own clients, with a user/pass or even better only allow the clients MAC address from there STB/BOXES and/or PC/Lan cards.

    Its for "LIVE" and "VOD" streams i wanna block all other clients that try to connect to the wowza media server.

    I was reading about some one us it with MAC address allow only setup, so i think thatīs a good solution for only control your clients that use the STB that they where giving access from.

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    And here are options for authentication for HLS and RTSP playback:


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