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Thread: Using Work Computer To Run Wowza Server Advice

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    Default Using Work Computer To Run Wowza Server Advice


    I checked the specs at my work computer, and they're pretty good. 4 processors, 4 GB RAM, and 25 Mbps upload speed. This would be good for me to test on. The thing is, I work at a trading company, so they're pretty uptight about security. Would they have to open a bunch of ports up for me if I wanted to point my encoder to stream to the work address? Would they think I'm crazy if I asked them to do this? Are there any potential security risks of doing this? Or is there a way to guarantee that this will be zero risk for the company?



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    Hi George,

    Wowza will run fine on that PC. If you scale to a larger audience (for whatever reason) you will likely need to up your hardware footprint.

    If you intend to access your server from outside the firewall/router, yes, you will need to open ports and forward traffic to your computer. These are the default Ports Used For Streaming. These settings can be configured to your requirements by editing [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml.

    As to overall security, you will need to coordinate access with your network administrator. Wowza will listen for specific media streaming protocols on designated ports and will serve HTML pages can be accessed by http. There are several options to secure access. For more information, take a look a the Media Security Overview.


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    Are there any helpful links in how to "open ports" and "forward traffic to computer?" Is that dependent on the router or OS or both? Do I need to go inside the router/hardware settings? Or can I do this within my Windows Firewall settings? Or both? (I tried adding inbound/outbound rules for TCP port 1935 within Windows 7 Firewall Advanced settings, but I don't think it worked).

    Also, if I have a generic consumer ISP, i.e., Comcast at home, would I be able to open up these ports myself, or would I have to work things out with my ISP?

    When these ports are finally open, for testing, I should be able to just use "" to check my IP and use that as the URL + ':1935" for the Wowza server, right?

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    Default maintains instructions for most routers on how to port forwarding

    You also have to make sure ports are allowed in your firewall.

    For streaming to playback clients you can open additional ports following these steps:


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