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Thread: CRC errors in HLS

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    Default CRC errors in HLS


    We have some problems with some of our HD movies with HLS. We have 12 layers (from 12.5 M to 750k) and are having some artifacts when starting certain movies.

    After a deep analysis, we remarked that the .TS segments 4&5 have CRC errors which lead to the artifact. Funny thing is that when downloading the segments manually, the issue is not occuring. Could it be that the player requests for the chunks too quickly and Wowza has some "timing" problem which leads to these CRC errors?

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    Re-up for this topic, can someone help?

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    We will need a closer look. Please open a support ticket by writing to Zip up and send the /conf folder and a sample access log that shows these errors.

    Include a link to this thread for reference.


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