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Thread: Block playing same stream on diffrent machine

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    Default Block playing same stream on diffrent machine

    is it possible to block one stream (lets call it "a" stream) for the single user on other machine when it tries to play this same stream "a" on other machine.
    We are developing some system that would have a user management module and we want to block playing the same stream for a user logged in on two diffrent machines.


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    Yes, if we assume that one of the following is true:

    1. Both machines are accessing the Wowza application from the same IP address
    2. The client application provides some sort of credentials of other identifying data when negotiating the connection to the Wowza application.

    If one of those conditions is true, you can use a class that implements IMediaStreamActionNotify to inspect client details for requests to play rtmp/t/e streams, and use onHTTPSessionCreate and onRTPSessionCreate in your ModuleBase to inspect client details for requests to play HTTP and RTP streams.

    If neither of the above conditions is true, you won't be able to limit playback concurrency, as the Wowza application will have no way of knowing that multiple connections are coming from the same user.

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