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Thread: EXT-X-TARGETDURATION value not following setting nor real chunks info

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    Default EXT-X-TARGETDURATION value not following setting nor real chunks info

    Hi there ... I'm running 3.5.2 build3747
    I've my cupertino set for chunk target duration to be 10 secs
    My live ingestion has a key frame every 5 secs

    Even though my manifest files show chunks are around 10 secs, the EXT-X-TARGETDURATION value says 15
    I've found some players pay attention to this value in order to schedule re-load of main manifest and buffering, instead of following the right value of each chunk.
    I agree this is a player issue, but I'm wondering how I can make EXT-X-TARGETDURATION match what I set up in the Application and the real chunk values
    See below example of a real manifest


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    You must have set cupertinoChunkDurationTarget to "15000"


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    As I said on the original post, I have "cupertinoChunkDurationTarget" set to "10000" ... and that's why the chunks are generated of 10 secs each, otherwise, they should be created of 15 secs each.
    So, the point of my question is why if my value is set to "10000" and the chunks are created fo 10secs each, the #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION in the playlist says "15"

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    Wowza breaks on key frames, so the cupertinoChunkDurationTarget is just a target. In any case, if cupertinoChunkDurationTarget is set to "10000" I'm not sure why TARGETDURATION is 15, I would expected it to be 10.

    What encoder are you using?

    Re-start Wowza, start the stream, playback the stream on an iOS client, then zip up and send the /conf folder and the current access and error log, along with encoder/encoding details.

    Include a link to this thread for reference.


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