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Thread: Where source encrypted in origin-edge structure?

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    Default Where source encrypted in origin-edge structure?

    I just want to know where is source stream encrypting? I mean if I had origin server that recieving stream from transcoder and I enable AES-128 or SAMPLE-AES ( and edge server responds to users - where my stream will be encrypted: on origin or edge? If it always being encrypted on origin can I switched it somehow to edge server?

    Thank you.

    BTW: what protocol used between orogon and edge transfers? RTMP or HTTP? Thank you

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    Guys, I'm sorry - I've found what I want here:

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    Hm, at least two questions:
    1) In that article said "If you have configured the stream for secure delivery on the origin by following the instructions in How to secure Apple HTTP Live Streaming (AES-128, external method), then the streams sent between the origin and edge servers will be encrypted and the streams delivered from the edge to the iOS devices will be encrypted. The key URL defined for the stream at the origin will be used on all edges" - Can I configure encryption only on edge servers? So stream between origin-edge will be non-encrypted.

    2) If I'm using nDVR plugin and using encryption - my recordings are encrypted or not? Is there any way to record stream in encrypted state?

    Thank you.
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    To do that I think you will have to packetize on the edge as well, which is easy. Just leave the origin Application.xml /LiveStreamPacketizers empty and use the regular packetizers in the edge Application.xml /LiveStreamPacketizers instead of the repeater packetizers. Then implement AES on the edge:

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