Hi all,

I have a simple question about Wowza's backend.
I currently using Wowza to serve HLS (+ AES) streams from a MP4 file. I want to use a HTTP Backend as content storage. I known there is no way to do it in wowza at the moment.
What is the best way to do it ? (I can't have my content on the same server. I don't want to use NFS and MediaCache doesn't fit to my needs.)
Idealy, i want to configure 2 HTTP backend for redundancy. Can i intend to write a module to do that ? In fact to avoid latency with large file, this module should be a kind of "streaming" module from the http backend. Also, i need to have my "keydir" pointing on this Http backend.

Am i the one who need this feature ?

I'm open to any idea to realize this job

Thanks !