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Thread: How to mark point in time for two recordings starting at different times

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    Default How to mark point in time for two recordings starting at different times

    I have HTML5 web page that shows two different people broadcasting themselves

    broadcasting is done via simple SWF I wrote.
    Beside the simple SWF (that records to Wowza), I only use HTML5/javascript for client control

    My question.
    Man A is starting recording at time T1
    Man B is starting recording at time T2
    (both men do chat)

    then, later in time, (after they finish recording) I want to show BOTH recordings side by side, SYNCHRONIZED
    I need the exact T2-T1 diff, so I can know the point to start man B recorded video
    how can I get T1 ? T2 ? (so to get the exact diff ?)

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    This is not really possible. They are separate streams started at different times resulting in separate files. There is not a practical, sure way to replay them in sync with Wowza. VLC has an addon called Mosaic that you might be able to use to make them into one video. I'm not sure about alignment using that tool. A composite feature is a possible future feature of the Wowza Transcoder, but I have no time frame for that.


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    if playing both videos will be 95% synchronized its good enough
    they are separated files. but each file first frame saved at Wowza side, at specific time.
    how can I get this time ? (by file creation date?)
    if I want to write and inject piece of code that will listen to "start recording" event at Wowza side and send this "time" to my PHP server, what is the way to do it ?
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    You can use this method to inject cuepoints:


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