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Thread: Borked captions on adaptive stream via iOS

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    Default Borked captions on adaptive stream via iOS


    Summary: We have an adaptive bitrate live stream that we are injecting captions to. We are also using our own flash player to embed the stream into webpages. The stream looks great on every platform except iOS.

    Symptoms we are experiencing: longer captions flash up for a split second and immediately clear from the screen. Sometimes only a word (or just a single letter too) will show up in the lower right hand corner of the caption area. Some (but not all) of the captions look like they are getting truncated by other captions.

    Other important information: I can see the captions before they get sent to the stream and they look perfectly fine. Also the captions look fine on iOS if viewed through the static/non-adaptive stream.

    What I want to know is if Wowza is causing this unexpected behavior or is this a bug in our player? (my gut tells me it's the player but I want to get a second opinion before I start complaining to our front-end devs)

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    Sounds like the player, but still a concern and interest to Wowza. If you haven't already, please start a ticket regarding this issue by writing to You can include a link to this thread for reference.

    It would be good if you can supply links to individual streams and the ABR set for testing.

    What version of Wowza are you using. What model iOS device and what iOS version are you testing with?


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    Follow up: We've been changing lots of different things within our setup recently and it seems that the issue has fixed itself. Not sure exactly what we did but to fix this but things that we changed were CDN settings and various Wowza settings and definitely some player code (although as I mentioned I'm not a front-end dev so I don't know exactly what they might have changed).

    To answer your questions we are using Wowza 3.5.0 and I was using a couple 3rd gen iPads as well as an iPhone 4S to test. Not sure what versions of iOS were on them though.

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