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Thread: BroadcoastMSG on different ApplicationInstance client is on

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    Default BroadcastMSG on different ApplicationInstance client is on

    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering how to use broadcastmsg on a different ApplicationInstance than a client is currently on - either manually, or by detecting it. What I want to do is user broadcastmsg to the "default" application instance, but instead it's only broadcasting to the "default2" instance. Here's what I have for example:

    public IApplicationInstance _appInstance; // this is coming in as 'default2' when i check the appinstance
    public void onDisconnect(IClient client) {
    _appInstance.broadcastMsg("dothis"); // but right here I want to broadcast the function dothis to the "default" appinstance - not default 2

    Is it possible to use broadcastMsg on a manually named Appinstance?

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    You can do IApplicationInstance.broadcastMsg() on any app instance that exists. It won't work if it has not already been instantiated.

    IApplicationInstance appInstanceDefault2 = client.getApplication().getAppInstance("default2");

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