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    I posted over a year ago asking about when Wowza would be offering AC3 decode for the Transcoder, at the time the response was that it was in the works.

    What is holding up AC3 decode? Is this a technical issue in implementation or a licensing issue with Dolby? In the 3.5 update Wowza added AC3 passthru but it is my understanding that AC3 passthrough is as good as useless for streaming to Android, and iOS devices.

    When are we going to see real AC3 support?

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    What is supported at present is pass-thru of AC-3 audio to HLS clients. You have to add this Property to Application.xml /RTP Properties container set to true:


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    Passthru support is not useful for delivering to a variety of clients. When will we see AC3 decoding support in the Wowza Transcoder? Are there any plans for AC3 transcoding in the future?

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    I think there may be more support in the future, but not imminent.


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    any updates???

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