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Thread: How to Create an Application

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    Default How to Create an Application

    Hello Dear Wowza Community,

    Iam new to this Streaming things and i tried to figure out how to create an Application ( MySQL Connection and do some checking/validations etc.. ).
    Is there any Tutorial? I read something about it but i dont know how to compile and debug it etc.

    My questions:
    Which IDE and Plugins i should use? (any advice?)
    Which files i need to import into my project?
    How can i compile it?
    and finally in which folder i have to put my Application? Which XMLs i've to inform about that app?

    thank you for your time and help

    best regards

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    Welcome. Yes, there is a guide here:


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    Hello Richard,

    thank you for your help and quick reply, thats helps a lot.
    But the most important for me is how do i write my own app and how i install it on the server?
    my intention is to catch the livestream name than parse it and check out with a registration database.

    i have Java skills but i dont get it where i should place my java files and how to install it as module/app )

    thank you very much
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    You need the Wowza IDE. A User Guide is included:

    The quickstart guide is here:

    And there are tons of tutorials and examples including complete application modules, like the one I pointed to, listed here:


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    Hello Richard again ,

    so first of all thank you for the links, i didn't see them, maybe to much input ..
    But now i have some stuff i can play with!

    But i have some further question to you

    i followed installed the IDE and the Wowza Server, i also tested the Server like in the tutorials. Everything works fine.
    Than i followed this Dokument here:

    When i start the MyFirstModule und klick the "run on WowzaMedia...." everything starts fine, no errors etc.
    But when i start the MyFirstModule.SWF i got a Error in the IDE Console: WARN server comment - Missing function: doSomething

    But the function doSomething is there!

    Same with the ServerSideModules

    Do you have any idea what iam doing wrong?

    thank you richard!

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    Go through the IDE Guide again. Did you add a Module to the Modules section of an Application.xml? One thing about all the Wowza Guides, there is nothing to skip. Follow them very carefully.

    In the access log, if you find the x-event "app-start", then look at the line above it, you might see an error regarding the loading of the module. Check the package path and class name in the Module.


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    Thank you ive learned much from your advices and the guides,

    is it possible to change the Stream name?

    In the onStreamCreate funktion i set up database connection and verify the entered streamName with database.
    after that i would like to change the streamName in the onStreamCreate funktion.
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    I have found this in my searches before:

    but i cant get it working, i copied the source in my project

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    For what you are describing now, you should use IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2:


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    excuse me i meant, i use the onPublish method
    is get a Streamname like: live_812_a834e84f93b49443 (they type it in, in their boradcaster software)
    This is my so called Streamkey. (each user has one)

    812 -> means userid ( from that one i can get the username from database )
    a834e84f93b49443 -> means just a key md5+salt.

    I check "live_812_a834e84f93b49443" in a database if its available, if yes the stream can start. if no
    i use stream.getClient().setShutdownClient(true); to disconnect the client.

    at the moment i use JW Player, and i want to use rtmp://website/application/username.flv or userid.flv
    as config and not rtmp://website/application/live_812_a834e84f93b49443.flv

    how can i implement this IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2? or which function ive to use?
    Sry have some probs to understand it in a right way and also sry for my bad english i try my best
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