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    Hello all,

    Quick question... We would like to multicast incoming videos so that when 3,000 people hit them in VLC it doesn't destroy our network. By default the videos are set to spin down when not in use, and then when a test is happening with a certain camera, it spins back up the first time a user requests the stream. This works really well under Flash/RTMP and OK with VLC/RTSP (it times out at first, but the 2nd or 3rd try for the first user typically gets it).

    I'm wondering what will happen if a stream spins down, but then we ask VLC to listen to the multicast address that we have assigned in the multicastmap.xml file? I assume nothing since Wowza is unaware of the stream request? Any easy way around that, or would we need to either have a user spin up the stream via RTMP/RTSP before it would work, or have another method to bring the cameras online automagically?

    We would like to avoid using the ?multicastplay option from the old plugin as that requires that we create unique VLC links for each network segment. By using the direct multicast IP ( we can re-stream the same video on all of our network segments and have one VLC playlist to rule them all.

    I think I know the answer, but figured I would ask in case Wowza looks at the listen requests for a given multicast and would then spin it up. Assume not but sure would be happy if it did.



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    I think so too, Ben. The stream has to be there. I don't think there is a Wowza server-side notifier for clients of a multicast stream.


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