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Thread: Wowza nDVR + Android + RTMP Feeds

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    Exclamation Wowza nDVR + Android + RTMP Feeds

    Hello all,

    I am trying to utilize the nDVR feature for playback on RTMP feeds from Android devices. I am using an Android App called Broadcaster Pro which streams perfectly to my Wowza server. I can then play that live feed back through a webpage using JW Player.

    I am yet to find a solution to get it working with the nDVR feature. I have turned it on the Application.xml file and set up the dvrstorage, pointing it to store the DVR recordings locally on the server. It is also set to append. When I start streaming I can see that a folder has been created in the dvrstorage path and a 'manifest.txt' file has been created, although no .m4fd files are being created?

    I've got this nDVR feature to work with RTSP feeds from an AXIS video encoder as well as IOS devices but after weeks of trying have lost all hope with Android!

    I've since read on different forums that RTMP and nDVR aren't compatible?? Surely there must be some way of streaming RTMP live video feeds and playing them back as DVR? Has anyone come up with a working solution for this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Can you do a short test and send the results to Wowza. First, re-start Wowza, so we can see the start up lines and have a concise test. Then start the live stream from Android/Broadcaster Pro to the application with nDVR configured. Then test playback with the Wowza /examples/LiveDVRStreaming/FlashHTTPPlayer.

    Then zip up and send the /conf and /transcoder folders, and the access and error log showing the re-start and testing to

    Include a link to this thread for reference.

    Note the RTMP playback of nDVR is not supported.


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