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Thread: Wowza Log : Different number of play, stop, destroy.

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    Default Wowza Log : Different number of play, stop, destroy.

    Hi all,
    I am currently working with wowza logs in a SQL server.
    I want to pull out stats to get the number of views, view time, etc...
    When I count the number of destroys, I get 17140
    the number of stop :16349
    the number of play :15694

    Why do I have such a large diffenrence in number?

    Which event should I use as the number of played videos?

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    If a new log file is created while streams are in progress you may see a higher number of destroy events, then play events.

    There is also some discrepancy between RTMP and HTTP due to the inherent latency in HTTP streaming.

    Also Flash sessions may include multiple destroy events. For other clients it is one-to-one.

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