If I have a mpeg ts .264 stream coming from a visionary encoder 720p at 5meg, I want to a create a video at half the resolution and 1 meg or say i use the default 360p thats already set as part of the template.
Create a rtmp unicast delivery

Would that be considered transcde or transrate in the application.xml setting. I would think its transcoding but I just wanted to confirm?
I have tried both with a working stream in the above scenario, if I enable transcder and I try to pay back the stream I get no video.

When i start the application mp4:mpegts.stream, would i play the stream back with mpegts.stream_360p? or when i start the stream instance do I need to designate the instance as mp4:mpegts.stream_360p?
I have followed the tutorial, really seems pretty straightforward.