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Thread: Wowza nDVR Application to Live Application

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    Question Wowza nDVR Application to Live Application

    Now i'm publish the video in DVR application
    using url - rtmp://<server-ip>/dvr/
    stream name- mp4:mystream

    Is this possible to publish the video in DVR application and Live application at the same time?
    i need to plublish the video in both a application. is there any options i've to enable in my server to publish the live video for both applications(DVR & Live) or any additional configurations to added in my application.xml file.
    Thank you.

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    Im a little confused by your post, but I think wait your getting at is something I originally faced.

    First of, RTMP cannot be used for DVR streaming from what I know.

    I resorted to using HLS Streaming.

    Secondly, you can publish a stream to one application that can handle all things you would need. If you want to use more than one application for Live Streaming at one time then I believe you would need another server instance license.


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    nDVR AddOn supports HTTP playback - Adobe HDS, Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming. And, yes, you can use the same application configured for live streaming with nDVR. You can also have multiple applications configured for live streaming on the same server instance.


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