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Thread: Initial delay in receiving live stream

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    Default Initial delay in receiving live stream

    I am developing a screen sharing application. I am publishing my screen video by using ffmpeg (screen capture tool is UScreenCapture) to wowza server. The video publish successfully but on receiver side there is initial delay to display first frame of video and this delay 1 to 3 minutes which is very irritating. The video is h264 encoded. If I encode my publishing video with flv codec there is no delay but my requirement is h264 encoded video. My receiver is flash based player and displaying video using netstream object. Also If I am using developer edition FMS installed on my machine as streaming server there is no delay on receiver side.

    Sunny chandel

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    This is probably because your stream has a low FPS. Flash RTMP player want about 60 frames before it starts displaying the stream. There is a work-around for this, you can set the netstream buffer to 0. However this can cause choppy playback in some cases. Or increase FPS. If you increase FPS to 30 it does not mean that you will have a 2 second wait, because, network allowing, Wowza bursts to new RTMP streams to fill the buffer quickly.

    More info in this article:


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