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Thread: Feeling really dumb, BUT...

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    Default Feeling really dumb, BUT...

    I'm feeling dumb because I don't even know what terminology to use here, but I love the feature in netflix that remembers where I was when I closed my browser watching a movie and lets me resume at that point when I log back in.

    Is that something we can accomplish? Any tutorials on it?

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    There is no tutorials on this but I do think that it's possible.
    I never got round to trying it out myself to be honest but the starting point would be the IMediaReader interface.

    You can write some code using the Wowza IDE2/Eclipse once you find the specific client you're after.
    The Wowza API documentation that ships with Wowza on page 1000 does suggest it's possible.

    Alternatively you can post in the "find a consultant forum" and experienced users and code developers will be able to contact you directly for the work you have posted.


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    JWplayer 5 can do it (not version 6 though), you can set a startposition parameter. This is for RTMP/Flash only though.

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