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Thread: Hardware Requirement for 20 live streams and 2 VOD for 1000 viewers with linux os

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    Lightbulb Hardware Requirement for 20 live streams and 2 VOD for 1000 viewers with linux os


    We are planning to implement wowza for our IPTV services.

    I have about 1000 viewers and 20 live streams and two vod.

    Can you please tell me the hardware requirement of server for running a this with 2mb bitrate per stream

    Also please recommend best suitable linux operating system.

    waiting for response asap.

    Thanks in advance.

    regards and Thanks
    Hemanth Kumar D N

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    I think you meant to post in the Wowza Media Server forum area. This area, where you posted, is for describing jobs to hire an external consultant. You can find some performance and scalability information here.


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