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Thread: Applications instance "hanging". How bad is that?

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    Default Applications instance "hanging". How bad is that?


    I have a few applications defined on the Wowza server as in the image below:

    I have many stream files defined in [wowza-install-dir]/content folder. Some of the resources defined in the streams are down sometimes. So, when I start to receive a stream that defines a resource not currently available, then I stop that stream, there are some application instances that "hang" (as it is visible in the image). This happens either when I manually start/stop those streams from the web interface or when I start/stop them from an application built by me. I thought it is a bug in my applications but it is actually Wowza default behaviour.
    The number of such "hanging" application instances could grow big over time and I don't see any way to (manually) stop them, unless I restart Wowza (which is not nice).

    My questions are:

    1. How bad is to live them there? Do they eat up the server resources?

    2. Is there any way to stop them and "cleanup" everything?


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    An application instance that has not expired yet but is not doing anything, is not draining significant resources. An app instance should go away in 60 seconds if there is no activity


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