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    Default Server Custom Global Variables

    is it possible to have for a wowza server instance (or an application instance) custom global variables?
    For example to define Server.NumberOfCurrentlyRunningStreams (update this variable from within the applications running), and if yes, how can this be accessed realtime?
    At the moment the only thing I figured is to define at application level and to call it from a flash client (not player,just any flash app) with and retrieve the variable.

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    You can use WMSProperties. You can set Properties in the Application.xml Properties container or the Server.xml, then retrieve and set in an Application module.

    Get property from Server.xml:
    Server server = server.getInstance();
    String runningStreams = server.getProperties().getProperty("NumberOfCurrentlyRunningStreams");
    //set property
    server.getProperties().setProperty("NumberOfCurrentlyRunningStreams ", "100");
    Same with appInstance.		
    String runningStreams = appInstance.getProperties().getProperty("NumberOfCurrentlyRunningStreams");
    You can do this with IMediaStream, IClient, etc. also

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    Thank you Richard.

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