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Thread: Re-Broadcasting of HTTP streams

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    Default Re-Broadcasting of HTTP streams

    I am trying to find some answer but seems not to be used as a solution to often. My customer wants to minimize Internet traffic by using WOWZA as a repeater. He has over 300 users in his LAN which need to connect to one stream only. The idea is to let WOWZA connect to the stream and have it published in the LAN. For the moment there are 4 streams like this.

    The streams are HTTP based (they all seem to be published from a Wowza Server).

    Anyone who can help a hand? In live there is a lot of info on TS, RTMP etc but not on how to use HTTP streams as a source.

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    Hi, welcome. The basic guide for Live Stream Repeater is here :

    If the origin is a FMS server, follow this guide:\


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