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Thread: manual smil generation for stitching vod - bitrate

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    Question manual smil generation for stitching vod - bitrate


    We are trying to do multi bitrate delivery of VOD that are generated via a transcoded live stream record.
    While the livestream is running, this is pretty easy to do.
    When files are done recording, we make some api calls to tie these videos together.
    After they become VOD since theres no smil, I am assuming we need to generate one manually. I checked that out and looks like a good start for me. Is this the right way to go? Are there alternatives?

    To generate an smil, I can grab all the info I need during the livestream via the onCodecInfoVideo and onCodecInfoAudio. But, I cannot get bitrate for the stream or videodatarate and audiodatarate separately. Now these bitrates are defined in the transrate.xml, so I am hoping there should be some place in the transcoded stream where I can grab it.
    I would also like to do the same for the source incoming stream as well.

    Thank you

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    You can get codec info from IMediaStreamActionNotify3.onCodecInfoAudio() and onCodecInfoVideo()

    At the moment I am not sure how to suggest fitting that into your workflow, but that's where you can get that info... You might get that when the live streams that you will record start playing, then store in WMSProperties of the stream.

    Yes, that article shows how to programatically generate a amlst MediaList, which is same from playback client's point of view as a smil file.


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    Hi Richard,

    Yes I am already using those events to get all the info I need for the smil file.
    However, I do not see any method to get the bitrate out of those.
    I need to get those values, the others I already have using the onCodecInfoVideo and onCodecInfoAudio

    Right now this is what I have
    public void onCodecInfoAudio(IMediaStream stream, MediaCodecInfoAudio codecInfoAudio) {
    			getLogger().info("SYNAPSE -- MoveFile.StreamListener.onCodecInfoAudio Audio Codec: " + codecInfoAudio.toCodecsStr() + " for stream " + stream.getContextStr());
    		public void onCodecInfoVideo(IMediaStream stream, MediaCodecInfoVideo codecInfoVideo) {
    			getLogger().info("SYNAPSE -- MoveFile.StreamListener.onCodecInfoVideo Video Codec: " + codecInfoVideo.toCodecsStr() + " for stream " + stream.getContextStr());
    			getLogger().info("SYNAPSE -- MoveFile.StreamListener.onCodecInfoVideo Video Width: " + codecInfoVideo.getVideoWidth() + " for stream " + stream.getContextStr());
    			getLogger().info("SYNAPSE -- MoveFile.StreamListener.onCodecInfoVideo Video Height: " + codecInfoVideo.getVideoHeight() + " for stream " + stream.getContextStr());
    I need to somehow get the bitrate here as well.

    If I use a monitor and use the IOPerformance counter, I can get the incoming livestream bitrate form it. but not the transcoded stream. stream.getMediaIOPerformance().getMessagesInBytesRate() for a transcoded stream is 0, all the other ones as well.

    In the transrate.xml we have defined a bitrate for this stream, how can I get access to it?

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    Please ignore, we have decided to go another route.
    Thank you

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