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Thread: "Not licensed for HTTPOrigin mode" error on Wowza EC2 AMI

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    Default "Not licensed for HTTPOrigin mode" error on Wowza EC2 AMI

    I am using AMI Id ami-c2fd6dab, which comes under the "Bring Your Own (LicKey)" AMI type. I am able to launch the AMI and stream from the server.

    I am trying to configure HTTPOrigin mode on the server, and I get this error in the logs.

    ERROR HTTPUtils.HTTPRequestToByteArray:
    WARN  HTTPStreamerApplicationContextBase.init: Not licensed for HTTPOrigin mode: HTTPStreamerApplicationContextSmoothStreamer
    What is the default licence on these AMIs? What do I need to do in order to enable HTTPOrigin mode functionality.

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    The Lickey AMIs give you a development license by default and this comes with its restrictions.
    The daily, monthly or perpetual will allow HTTPOrigin mode to be activated.

    Please find the license restrictions here,


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