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Thread: Using Wowza to handle multiple RTMP streams.

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    Default Using Wowza to handle multiple RTMP streams.

    We are looking for a way to take multiple RTMP streams from an app like Xsplit, get them all into an app like Xsplit or Wirecast which will allow us to pretty them up (add overlays, flip between streams, etc) and send them all out to a RMTP server as one combined stream.

    XSplit has a "live streaming" option which basically makes it work as a RTMP server, but the problem is, that's only available in the professional edition, which not all our streamers use.

    In a perfect world our streamers could point XSplit towards Wowza, which would give us separate RTMP urls for each stream, that we could then load into Xsplit as individual streams, do whatever we have to do to it, then spit it back out over RMTP to the final destination.

    Is this doable with Wowza??

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    I'm not sure how Wowza could be involved? There's nothing built-in to Wowza that is useful to that workflow, except as a streaming server to publish to


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