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Thread: Stream Edge but using HTTP stream (not Wowza)

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    Default Stream Edge but using HTTP stream (not Wowza)

    We have tried several of the samples/tutorials etc. We can make a working solution using RTMP or UDP as stream origin but we are not able to forward a stream using HTTP Audio streaming as source.

    The question I get from my customer is easy: he wants to use Wowza as a relay server to safe the load of all his users to connect to one HTTP Audio stream. The Repeater documentation are all based on WOWZA being the source (although WOWZA is the source I do not control it to be an Origin).

    So what should the configuration be?

    (or can help somebody to get this done)

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    There is not a way to this, Wowza does not support ingest of HLS streams at present.


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