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Thread: webservice or api for woza accessible

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    Default webservice or api for woza accessible


    We are using wowza for live and vods streaming available through our product running on different platforms including android & Google TV, iOS, roku, boxee, windows phone & web.

    We are really happy with wowza streaming capabilities and based on our past experience with wowza server we are putting our efforts and time to develop end user experience of our product around wowza.

    Recently we wanted to limit streaming based on following rules:
    If user is watching bbc on boxee when he opens our app on google tv and request stream for cnn. Than before serving cnn stream bbc session should be destroyed.
    We do have multiple wowza servers few channels are serving from wowza1 and other are serving from wowza2

    Based on above use cases we wanted this validation logic to our web application server and we want to implement this using c#.

    We need to make calls from our C# code to some web service wrapping around wowza functionality through which we can instruct wowza to find/create/destroy a session. Total no of connection on wowza things like that. We are seeking a solution of production quality, we do have between 200 to 300 connections to our wowza server.

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    This requires some custom coding to be done on the Wowza side.
    I assume this is a login service which means that you can keep track of users?

    You can post jobs for coding in the "find a consultant" forum which can be found here,


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