General Issue:
On some of our Wowza instances after an indiscriminate period of time, we get "slideshow" video. Instead of a live stream of smooth, flowing video, we get one frame presented to us every 10 seconds or so.

We have run into this problem multiple times so we captured some of the symptoms, as they seem to vary.

Symptoms 1:
* HLS stream flows smoothly, works well, has audio. Thus we know that Wowza is getting the source stream, is able to process it, and send it out as an HLS stream
* Flash (RTMP) stream (using the Wowza test player) shows one frame every ~10 seconds, no audio
* A different Flash (RTMP) stream (again using the Wowza test player) shows the same phenomenon; however, the frame that is displayed is different than on the first stream. This leads us to believe that it is an issue with the output stream generation.

Symptoms 2:
* HLS has the same slideshow issues as Flash (above), but audio still works even though the video is presenting a "slideshow".
* Flash also has the same issues as above and presents a "slideshow"

We've done tcpdumps to capture the data coming down to the client machine. The resulting captures are sparse, with not nearly enough data as should be expected in an RTMP stream at that stream's bitrate.

I'm not sure if other people have encountered this issue. My searches of the forum have been fruitless. We call it the "slideshow" problem, but I'm not sure how other people may have described the problem.