I am using FFmpeg (the libav libraries in a Mac app, not the FFmpeg binary) to encode video and audio in FLV format and stream to Wowza via RTMP. The streaming succeeds, and I see no errors in the Wowza log. The problem is that during live stream playback, the audio is heavily distorted, if not outright garbage.

However, the odd thing is that the video appears to be fine on both sides of streaming. I can write the FLV file prior to streaming (locally), and the resulting FLV file plays back perfectly. Likewise after streaming to Wowza, the FLV file that is recorded to the Wowza server plays back perfectly also when the file is opened from the hard drive using an app that can play FLV files (such as VLC or Wondershare). This along with the fact that there are no errors in the Wowza log seems to indicate that the encoded FLV video is fine prior to streaming, and fine after streaming / recording on the Wowza server. Again, the problem is the live stream playback in an RTMP player (such as the one included with the Wowza examples, or a Flash player) plays back junk audio.

What could possibly be affecting live stream playback? Are there specific audio encoding parameters that are required for proper Wowza playback? FFmpeg uses its ADPCM_SWF audio codec for FLV output, and it is using a sample rate of 44100, bit rate of 192kpbs.

Any help is greatly appreciated.