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Thread: mp4 file is not generating while using transcoder

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    Default mp4 file is not generating while using transcoder


    I want recording video in mp4 format. So i tried wowza transcoder addon. I added transcoder in application.xml. Also i added myapplication.xml in transcoder/templates and restart the wowza server. But transcoder not generating mp4 format file. Can anyone help me on this.

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    Does the live stream contain h.264 video and AAC or MP3 audio? If so, the easiest way to record to mp4 container is change the Application.xml /StreamType to "live-record", and you must add the "mp4:" prefix to the stream name in the encoder. If you name the stream "mp4:myStream", Wowza will record a file name named "myStream.mp4"

    For more recording options, take a look at HTTPLiveStreamRecord:

    The Wowza Transcoder does not record. It can transcode audio and/or video, and it can create two or more bitrate renditions. So it is not what you need unless the video or audio of your live stream is not h.264 video and MP3 or AAC audio.

    If you do need the Transcoder, what is myapplication.xml in the /transcoder/templates folder? If it is a Application.xml, it doesn't belong there. If it is a transcoder template, start with one of the provided templates instead: transrate.xml or transcode.xml. To get started, follow a guide carefully, by the numbers, avoid improvising until you see things working. The basic guide is here:


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