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Thread: 10000+ Simultaneous Streams

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    Default 10000+ Simultaneous Streams


    We have a requirement to develop a server that will stream to more than 10000+ customers. 10K is a pretty big number but that is what we expect, we will be serving those many customers.

    Each customer will be served a unique stream. There will not be more than 1 listener for a particular stream. 1 Stream of Music listened by 1 user, that's it.

    The music will be served by mp3 files on disk (no live feed). Each customer will have a unique playlist of songs. WOWZA is then suppose to play the playlist for that customer.

    We are looking at building something similar to Pandora,

    I've got a developer license so not able to stream more than 2 playlist at a time. So, I wanted to know whether WOWZA can meet our expectations of 10K+ unique streams, simultaneously?
    If yes, what are the architectural, hardware aspects to keep in consideration?


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    First of all I can see that you may have a bandwidth issue if the stream is 128 kbps you'll be streaming 1.28 Gbps (10,000 x 128 kbps = 1,280 Mbps == 1.28 Gbps).
    Even if the mp3 files are encoded at 64 kbps you'll be streaming 640 Mbps (10,000 x 64 kbps = 640 Mbps) which is quite a lot.
    Usually you can only get approximately 800 Mbps from a 1 Gbps internet connection which should be taken into account.

    The storage for the mp3 files will have to be very fast I/O so server all your clients and I suggest a RAID array and/or SSD's.

    Are you planning on serving the playlists to multiple devices?
    Some Android devices only support AAC so they will not be able to listen to the streams.

    Custom code will be required to setup each client getting a unique playlist.


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    Thanks Jason. I'll get back for more queries/doubts.

    Thanks again!

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    Also, take a look at MediaCache for scaling vod delivery:


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