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Thread: Best Tuning for HDS?

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    Lightbulb Best Tuning for HDS?


    We have a server
    2 x Intel Xeon E5-2603 4х2,0Ghz, RAM 64 Гб and Internet 10 Gbit.

    2 streams 720p -2 Mbit/s
    6 streams 480p -1 Mbit/s
    2 streams 360p - 512 Kbit/s
    2 streams 240p - 256 Kbit/s

    We have used instructions from this page


    HostPort/ProcessorCount: 16
    IdleWorkers/WorkerCount: 16
    NetConnections/ProcessorCount: 16
    RTP/DatagramConfiguration/UnicastIncoming/ProcessorCount: 8
    RTP/DatagramConfiguration/UnicastOutgoing/ProcessorCount: 16
    RTP/DatagramConfiguration/MulticastIncoming/ProcessorCount: 8
    RTP/DatagramConfiguration/MulticastOutgoing/ProcessorCount: 8

    HandlerThreadPool/PoolSize: 480
    TransportThreadPool/PoolSize: 320

    IdleWorkers/CheckFrequency: 50
    Client/IdleFrequency: 250

    In our project we use flowplayer.

    If we use HDS, after 2000-2500 connections CPU load is about 70%, network load - 4 Gbit/s but video on client side has a lotoff artefacts and often stopped.

    How can I solve this problem?
    Do you have any ideas?
    How can we make best tuning for HDS on WOWZA and flowplayer?

    Thank you very much.

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    The protocol makes no difference to the tuning itself.
    It looks like the server has been tuned correctly apart from this section:

    IdleWorkers/CheckFrequency: 50
    Client/IdleFrequency: 250

    These values need to be the default shown in the guide you linked above or higher than the default value (which is optional).
    The higher the values the longer between checks which will reduce the CPU usage.

    defaults are:
    IdleWorkers/CheckFrequency: 100
    Client/IdleFrequency: 500

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    Another point to note:
    Java can only sustain 5 Gbits capacity per instance.

    The IdleWorkers/CheckFrequency and Client/IdleFrequency should only be reduced when using low-latency which is primarily used for video-chat.
    Based on your setup it looks like you should not have low-latency and thus not need to lower the IdleWorkers/CheckFrequency and Client/IdleFrequency values.


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