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Thread: m3u8 dynamic url

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    Default m3u8 dynamic url

    I followed
    Now i can see the m3u8 is encrypted
    I pasted into video.php the sample php code
    Now the question is how do i play the video in vlc or some player to test it
    I tried http://ip/video.php?keyid="key" but it doesnt play .
    I am sure i am doing it wrong . How do i pass the http://ip:1395/vid/video/playlist.m3u8 as a parameter to be played.
    Without keys and encryption this format is working fine.
    If i run the php file and open the m3u8 it is showing some ascii code...
    I saw how to test encrypted feed which only asks us to view content of m3u8 file. I want to play it .
    I pasted the gen key in the key folder and in the php also.It is a live feed and i need in m3u8 format
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    HLS support in VLC is fairly new. It might not support AES encryption, from your report it sounds like it doesn't


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    any thing like ffmpeg or any tool to check it ?
    Am i doing it correctly rich?
    what is the url for playing the file in any player eg Apple once it is encrypted?
    How do i create the code.. Pasting the php is enough or it is just part



    function hex2bin($h)
    if (!is_string($h))
    return null;
    $r = '';
    for ($a=0;$a<strlen($h);$a+=2)
    $r .= chr(hexdec($h{$a}.$h{($a+1)}));
    return $r;

    $isValid = true;
    if (! $isValid)
    header('HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden');
    header('Content-Type: binary/octet-stream');
    header('Pragma: no-cache');

    echo hex2bin('52FBBFB8916D7E1247B45A968F1DE62A');

    exit(); // this is needed to ensure cr/lf is not added to output


    how does the php know what to play. I am not getting the gist out of this?
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