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Thread: VOD adaptive bitrate stream on iPad

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    Default VOD adaptive bitrate stream on iPad

    Hi Wowza,

    I'm using 2.2.4 and VOD with a very long video of 4 1/2 hours, transcoded into 4 multi bitrate files created with MS Expression.

    Using JW Player via rtmp, the individual videos load great as does the SMIL file with the attached videos.

    When viewing the individual videos on iOS devices, the lower bit rates load quickly and play (200kbit & 450kbit), however my 800 and 1500kbit versions load for a long time and refuse play, meaning when playing the SMIL file on iOS, it never switches above my 450kbps version.

    Any ideas why this might be happening? It is the large/long file? If so can they bit split and seamlessly played?


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    It sounds like everything is working perfectly. The higher bitrate videos that do not play well directly are not played by the device when they are options in the smil. Exactly what is expected.


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    I don't know MS Expression, but what are the respective specs (dimensions, frame rate, profile, level) for the 450 vs. the 800 kbps streams? Also, what's your iOS device?

    Any message in the Wowza logs when you try to play the 800+ kbps streams directly?

    Can you play the 800+ kbps files by loading them directly on the device with iTunes?

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