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Thread: Matching the original stream while recording a transcoded stream

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    Default Matching the original stream while recording a transcoded stream

    HELP I'm attempting to upgrade a Module that's been working great for forever to use an MP4 H.264/AAC Transcoded from MP4/ H.264/Speex for recording so that we can view our content without Flash.

    I've configured the application to use the default audioonly.xml template for the moment.

    The Module currently needs properties passed by the client through the connection which aren't, to my knowledge, available through the transcoded stream.

    I know which streams are transcoded since they are named stream_aac, but they have a null client and I don't quite know how to relate it to the original so that I can get the parameters I need.

    In my onPublish() method, I've tried in vain to get to the transcoder. Unexpectedly, the stream, stream_aac does not appear to have a transcoder when I check with the following code:
    	public void onPublish(IMediaStream stream, String streamName, boolean isRecord, boolean isAppend) {
    		getLogger().info("onPublish stream name: " + streamName);
    		if (stream.isTranscodeResult()) {
    			getLogger().info("onPublish isTranscodeResult == true");	
    		else {
    			getLogger().info("onPublish isTranscodeResult == false");
                            // There's no sense in bothering to continue
                    // both of these return
                   if (stream.getLiveStreamTranscoders().size() == 0) return;
                   if (stream.getLiveStreamTranscoder("transcoder") == null) return;
    Is there any way to do this?

    I'd be thankful for any suggestions.
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