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    Default RTSPBindIpAddress

    According to this article
    Wowza automatically sets values (RTSPBindIpAddress,RTSPConnectionIpAddress,RTSPOriginIpAddress) based on the internal and external IP address of the EC2 instance.

    Is there any way to archive this on non-EC2 Wowza instance?

    We share same Application.xml files across all our edge servers and preparing Application.xml for each edge server is not very practical.

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    You can do this with a customer server listener and add a VHost listeners, when a VHost starts which in turn allows you to add an application listener which can then be used to change the RTSP addresses when an application starts up.


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    Hi Rob,

    I have used the following before in a module. It sets the bind address to the same address that the player called. The onDescribe method is part of the IRTSPActionNotify interface.
    	public void onDescribe(RTPSession rtspSession, RTSPRequestMessage req, RTSPResponseMessages resp) {
    		InetSocketAddress socketAddress = (InetSocketAddress) rtspSession.getIoSession().getLocalAddress();
    		String bindAddress = socketAddress.getAddress().getHostAddress();
    		RTPStream rtpStream = rtspSession.getRTSPStream();
    		if(rtpStream != null) {
    If you are using NAT and need to set a different address then you can also set some server variables using a server listener that queries the network interfaces when Wowza starts.


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