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Thread: Change Dynamic folder structure

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    Question Change Dynamic folder structure


    We need to chnage wowza's default folder structure. Our aim is like this:

    If somebody records any video then by default it is being stored in /content forlder. But we want that it should be saved like this:

    User 1 >> /mnt/s3drive/user1/1/123/
    User 2 >> /mnt/s3drive/user2/1/200/
    User 3 >> /mnt/s3drive/user3/1/233/

    Could it be possible ?


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    As far as I'm aware this is possible if you can track the users correctly.
    You will need to write some custom code yourself or contact a consultant for this work.

    Email : making a request for the independent consultants list or you can use the "find a consultant" forum here,


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