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    Having some hesitation with my core count..

    My system has a Intel i7 CPU 870@2.93Ghz, 4 Cores and 8 Logical Processors

    4 Cores x 8 Processors = 32 Total Core Count

    On your suggested VHost.XML config file, you suggested a maximum cap with which with the current processor I have, exceeds the maximum. Should I use the max limit for each? Or can I go above the maximum you suggested. How does it affect my system?

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    You misunderstood; You only have 1 processor with 4 cores. Your processor has 8 logical processors because of hyper-threading. You can check out the # of cores on Intel's ark

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    Thanks cbighea.

    Looking at
    If your server supports hyper-threading, then use the total number of threads. In the above example, if hyper-threading is available, then the total number of threads is:
    2 (processor) x 4 (cores) x 2 (threads per core) = 16
    So in my case, that would be :
    1 x 4 x 2 = 8

    Is this correct?

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    The HT cores have like 20% or less the performance of a real core, so I'm not sure it's worth setting core count to 8. You might want to test with both settings.

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