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    Default hardware

    Processor: Dual Intel Xeon CPU X5650 @ 2.66GHz
    Cores/Threads: 12/24
    Memory: 12 GB
    Motherboard: SuperServer 7046GT-TRF 4U Xeon DP 4xGPU Ready
    OS: Windows 7 Enterprise - 64-bit (Some Windows 7 SKUs are not compatible with multi CPU hardware)
    Java: Java 7 64-bit
    GPU/Accleration: Single NVidia Tesla C2070 with 6GB RAM

    id like to run this on linux.. whats my best option?

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    Depending on your familiarity with Linux OS, you should choose a Linux build that you're most familiar with or that best suites your operating environment. I would suggest you explore CentOS or Ubuntu Linux. Be sure to install a 64 bit version for optimal performance. Here are some helpful resources:

    Wowza Installer Downloads
    Quick Start Guide
    Performance Tuning Guide


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    ok i know both centos and ubuntu i like centos more.. somehow ill go for that thanks

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    I examined the bencmarks but I didn't understand correctly. If I buy Server 5 and install 4x4Tuner Capture Card like TBS 6905 and install Wowza Server on Linux 64 Bit:

    1.) Can I stream simultaneously:

    INPUT: 4x 1080p satellite HD TV Broadcast OUTPUT: 720p Stream
    INPUT: 12x 576p satellite SD Broadcast OUTPUT: 576P Stream

    What do you think about the CPU Usage without NVENC Card

    Thank you very much

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    no reply?

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