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Thread: H263 live stream to H264 transcoding

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    Unhappy H263 live stream to H264 transcoding


    We have an Android app sending H263/Speex stream to WowzaMediaServer 3.5.2 over rtmp protocole.
    We are using live-record app re-stream (the live) and record it in different bit-rates.

    The original stream seems to be recorded properly in flv format in the content directory.
    The {streamname}_source.mp4 {streamname}_360p.mp4 {streamname}_120p.mp4 are created on the file system but they remain empty.

    For the playback we use JWPlayer 6 & Akamai plugin.
    Live stream playback works fine in most cases ...

    1/ Desktop with flashPlayer over rtmp (rtmp://$server:$port/live/$stream) or HDS http://$server:$port/live/mp4:$stream/manifest.f4m
    2/ Android platforms -> RTSP (rtsp://$server/live/$stream)

    The problem comes when we try streaming over HLS to iOS devices, or MAC OS X native players.

    It all works just fine while streaming from Wirecast or any other h264/aac stream source.
    Here is what I am guessing RTMP / HDS flashbased players are compatible with the original h263 format and so are my RTSP playback apps/plugins ...
    but HLS requires properly encoded H264 streams that Wowza fails to transcode from the original source.

    Am I getting this right ?
    Am I reading this "" right when I read that the transcoder add-on does not decode incoming H263 streams ?

    Do you have any suggestions to solve this issue ?

    A part of course from the obvious "change your Android App to send H264/AAC stream"

    Thank you for reading me.
    Looking forward to your suggestions.

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    Sorry, that's right: h.263 is support for encode but not decode

    Video decoding: H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part 2
    Video encoding: H.264, H.263v2
    Audio decoding: AAC, MP3, MPEG-1 Layer 1/2, Speex, G.711 (-law and A-law)
    Audio encoding: AAC


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