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Thread: Problem with RTCP packets and Flash player

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    Default Problem with RTCP packets and Flash player


    we have an android application sending H264/AAC live streams to WowzaMediaServer over rtsp protocol (no interleave).
    To synchronize audio and video streams we send rtcp packets on the ports the server provides during negotiation.

    in Wowza Application.xml file the AVSyncMethod property is set to "senderreport".

    Our mobile rtsp players correctly play the live stream, and VLC as well. But when a flash player starts playing the live, the playback is choppy.
    This occurs even if we send a single rtcp packet at startup.
    Note: if we don't send the rtcp packets the flash player works smoothly, either with AVSyncMethod property set to "senderrorereport" or to any other allowed value.

    Is there any known issue about rtsp/rtmp interoperability in presence of rtcp.

    Thank you very much.

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    Try adding the SortPackets and SortBufferSize Properties shown in this guide:

    And you can to turn on audio, video and data packet level timecode debugging by adding the following property to the Application.xml /Streams Properties container


    We show delineate audio, video and data. Look at the first part of the log statement:[stream-context]:[stream-context]:[stream-context]:

    The data that gets logged is this:

    “hdr:0x"+firstByteStr+" sz:"+sizeStr+" tc"+packetTC+"/"+incTimecode+" rt:"+rtCurrTime+"/"+incStr


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