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Thread: How to cut a portion of a video when playing by vod application

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    Default How to cut a portion of a video when playing by vod application

    i have set up wowza server 3.5 and using vod application to stream my videos to our client. now my requirement is that i want to allow my client to cut a portion of a video by supplying start point and end point in mm:ss format and then give them a url for downloading that portion of a video which was saved on my wowza server.
    so is there a way to do this?

    any suggestion ?


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    For http players, you can use wowzaplaystart and wowzaplayduration url variables. Values are in milliseconds instead of mm:ss so you would have to convert these.

    For custom rtmp players, you can set the start and duration in the method and then pass the values in to the player from the web page."mp4:sample.mp4", start, duration);


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