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Thread: Live HTTP to Wowza

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    Question Live HTTP to Wowza

    Hello to everybody,

    I am in one dilemma and probably this is right place to ask.

    Is it possible to re-stream http stream which I plan to catch from source e.g:

    Stream is in TS format, encoded in Mpeg-4 H264 Part 10 codec.

    I was trying to add it to file but I was not able to catc my stream, and it seems it is only possible to add udp:// instead of http:// stream.

    My idea is to catch my http stream and re-stream it as rtsp/rtp etc, as then I will be able to use it on my Web TV application.

    Any help is more than appreciated

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    You cannot re-stream from HTTP source. You can re-stream from udp if you can reach udp/


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