We have met a problem when we used the Wowza Media System to do the http live streaming test .
First,we used the ffmpeg to convert the stream-ts and then sent it through rtmp;
Second,we used the flowplayer to play the stream through HLS .
When we played ,it was random getting stuck at a random time.
We were trying to resolve the problem by finding it from the forum ,but at last we lost.
We have read most related articles but it is helpless for us.

Here is our test environment:
7 transcoding servers ,using ffmpeg to convert stream-ts;there were about 68 stream-ts at;
1 Wowza server(RedhatLinux6 x86_64,2 qual core CPU,16g memory and 10g JVM memory,1000M NIC) ,receiving the streams and running the http service.

How can we solve the problem?